Professor Sterio To Speak at International Law Institute for Training and Research

Professor Milena Sterio will participate as a speaker and expert in a IUSTICOM and UN Institute for Training and Research Online Executive Diploma on International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice program.  The program will take place from February- April 2022 over a series of 1-day seminars.  Professor Sterio will address the topic of “International Criminal Law and Statehood” in her lecture.  The audience will be comprised of early to mid-career diplomats as well as others.  Other program speakers include Miguel de Serpa Soares, Under-Secretary General for Legal Affairs and United Nations Legal Counsel; Joanna Korner, Judge, International Criminal Court, Catherine Marchi-Uhel, Head of the International Impartial Independent Mechanism for Syria, Nicholas Koumjian, Head of the International Independent Mechanism for Myanmar, etc. 

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