Professor Kalir Presents on a Panel on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Clinical Professor Doron Kalir

Clinical Professor Doron Kalir

On March 11, Akron Law School hosted a panel discussion entitled “Effects on International Law: Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” The panel featured Dean Matthew Williams of Akron Law School, Mr. Raeed Tayeh, an International-law attorney and Palestinian activist, and Professor Kalir, who was born and raised in Israel. In his presentation, Kalir noted that aside from the traditional UN Resolutions related to the conflict, a civil-law tool was recently added to the legal arsenal related to the conflict: a record-high, $216M jury verdict awarded in the S.D.N.Y against the Palestinian Authority for its support of Hammas’ terrorist attacks against Israel between 2002-2004. Kalir also cautioned against the recent rise in Antisemitic incidents in campuses around America, and called for their immediate eradication.

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