Professor Robertson Interviewed on WCPN Regarding the Ohio Supreme Court’s Decision on Local Regulation of Drilling

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

C|M|LAW’s Steve W. Percy Distinguished Professor of Law, Heidi Gorovitz Robertson was interviewed by WCPN for a public radio news story, High Court Ruling Limits Local Power Over Gas Drilling, by Joanna Richards.  In the long-awaited decision (oral argument was heard in February 2014), the Ohio Supreme Court struck down five Munroe Falls, Ohio, local ordinances finding them in conflict with Ohio’s oil and gas statute, section 1509.02. Asked whether the decision favored industry or communities,“It’s a big win for industry,” said Heidi Robertson, an environmental law professor at Cleveland State University. She said Ohio isn’t the only energy-boom state seeing this power struggle. . . . . “Communities did better in New York and Pennsylvania,” Robertson said.​​

The WCPN story and Professor Robertson’s interview are available here.

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