Professor Sterio Publishes Blog Post Discussing Mauritian Court’s Acquittal of Twelve Piracy Suspects

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio published a blog post on both Intlawgrrls and Communis Hostis Omnium, two academic blogs where she routinely publishes posts and serves as editor, on the recent Mauritius Intermediate Court acquittal of twelve piracy suspects.

The piracy suspects had been arrested by a joint EU naval force and transferred to Mauritius for prosecution in January 2013.  This piracy case was the first piracy prosecution in Mauritius, and Professor Sterio argued that the acquittal was unfortunate politically and unsound legally.  Professor Sterio has already been consulted by the Mauritian prosecutor who served as main prosecutor in this case, Ms. Reshma Bikaary, on appellate strategies (Ms. Bikaary has already lodged an appeal).  Professor Sterio had met Ms. Bikaary during her 2012 visit to Mauritius; since then, Professor Sterio has routinely consulted with Ms. Bikaary and her colleagues about best practices in prosecuting Somali piracy suspects.

The blog post is available here and here.

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