Professor Forte Teaches at Summer Fellowships; Writes New Entry for Macmillan; Participates in S.J.D. Defense

Professor David Forte taught at two week-long summer fellowships to some of the nation’s top law graduates, including Circuit Court and Supreme Court clerks. The first was The James Wilson Fellowship from July 7 to 12, in Naples Florida, which focused on the moral principles underlying constitutional law. The second was the John Marshall Fellowship, sponsored by the Claremont Institute, from August 9 to August 16 at Newport Beach, California.  Professor Forte’s teaching area centered on “Lincoln’s Statesmanship of Constitutional Recovery.”
Additionally, Professor Forte’s entry, “Limited Government,” was accepted by American Governance (AG), a reference work to be published in print and online by Macmillan.
Finally, Professor Forte reviewed, graded, and participated in the rigorosum defense of an S.J.D. dissertation at St. Thomas Law School in Miami, Florida on August 20.
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