Professor Hoke Presents Paper at Privacy Law Scholars Conference

Professor S. Candice Hoke presented a co-authored paper entitled Self-Regulation of the Online Behavioral Advertising Industry: Empirical Analysis and Regulatory Competence at the Privacy Law Scholars Conference at George Washington University on June 6-7.  This prestigious conference was co-hosted by the University of Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law and the George Washington University Law School.  

Professor Hoke’s co-authors on this paper are Lorrie Faith Cranor and Pedro Giovanni Leon.  Professor Cranor is an internationally prominent cybersecurity and privacy specialist at Carnegie Mellon University.  The paper was in competition with many others for receiving acceptance and a spot on the program of this prestigious conference.  Professor Hoke reports that this conference differs from the usual format in that a noted researcher in the general field presents the paper– not its co-authors — and then generates the discussion, in which both the audience and paper authors participate. 
Professor Hoke researched and wrote a substantial portion of the paper, including all of the introductory & background material and the regulatory parts.  This paper discusses issues related to the online third-party trackers that gather, aggregate and then sell highly personal profiles of individuals and families drawn from tracking conduct across the web.
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