Plecnik Publishes in Tax Notes on the EITC Ban and the Definition of “Reckless”

C|M|LAW Professor John Plecnik has published Reckless Means Reckless: Understanding the EITC Ban in Tax Notes at Vol. 142, No. 8, Feb. 24, 2014, p. 847.  It was published electronically in Tax Notes Today.

In this article, Plecnik argues that Congress intended to incorporate in the earned income tax credit ban the well-established definition of reckless or intentional disregard from section 6662, which imposes the accuracy-related penalties.  Plecnik has previously argued that the legislative history demonstrates Congress intended the same definition of reckless or intentional disregard for sections 32(k) and 6662. That argument was inspired by Plecnik’s work as pro bono counsel for the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland on two EITC ban cases in the Tax Court. Both cases were settled last fall on terms favorable to his clients with no ban or other penalties. Plecnik thanks Professor Leslie M. Book of Villanova University School of Law as well as Camille R. Gill and Susan E. Morgenstern, his co-counsels from Legal Aid.

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