Ray Writes on South African Court’s Emphasis on Procedure in Policy Decisions

C|M|LAW’s Joseph C. Hostetler – Baker & Hostetler Professor of Law Brian E. Ray recently published a blog post entitled South African Informal Traders Forum and Others v The City of Johannesburg and Others: A Promising Start by the South African Constitutional Court, on Oxford Human Rights Hub.  In that decision, the South African Constitutional Court enjoined the City of Johannesburg from evicting informal traders in the inner city.  Regarding this decision, Ray writes “Departing sharply from its normal procedures, the South African Constitutional Court recently issued what we in the States would call an “interim injunction” in a case pending before the South Gauteng High Court called South African Informal Traders Forum and Others v The City of Johannesburg and Others (“SAITF”). The order prohibits municipal authorities in Johannesburg from “interfering” with the activities of multiple street traders in the city center who are lawfully licensed to trade by the City.

Ray notes that the temporary injunction in the SAITF case is an example of this Court playing a stronger procedural role in policy decisions. Recent cases show that, “when operating in a role that it can safely characterize as procedural—especially when faced with a policy that either completely ignores or actively infringes upon social rights—the Court has been much more willing to exercise its authority to at least temporarily stop implementation of a challenged policy, and sometimes even to change it.”

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