Forte Completes Southern California Lecture Tour

Professor David Forte

Professor David Forte

C|M|LAW Professor David Forte has returned from a February lecture tour in Southern California.  He presented several lectures over a 4-day period.

On February 4, Professor Forte spoke at Chapman Law School on the topic, “Prospects for Islamic Democracy.” He discussed both the ideological as well as cultural, economic, and juridical impediments to democracy adhering in the Arab Middle East. Professor Clarissa Cianciarullo of Chapman Law School offered commentary and question.
On February 5, he spoke at the University of California at Irvine Law School, and on February 6 at the University of Southern California Law School, on “Chief Justice Roberts’ New Federalism.” The thesis is that Chief Justice Roberts is taking up Chief Justice Rehnquist’s attempt to create a constitutional safe harbor for the states where the sovereign governing authority of the states will be free from federal regulatory authority in certain areas. At USC, Forte was joined by Professor Jeorg W. Knipprath of Southwestern Law School who offered commentary.
Also on February 5, Forte lectured to a graduate seminar in political science at the Claremont-McKenna Graduate School in Claremont, California on “The Response of Catholicism and Islam to Liberal Democracy.” He discussed how two religions, each claiming to be “the one true religion,” contend with the pluralistic and individualistic nature of liberal democracy.
Lastly, on February 7, Professor  spoke to a meeting of the Orange County Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society on “Religious Liberty: A Traveloque.” In that talk I discussed the historical sources that coalesced to give the United States its conception of the right of religious liberty.
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