Sundahl Participates in Two Space Law Events in Washington, D.C.

On December 5, 2013, C|M|LAW Professor and Associate Dean Dean Mark Sundahl participated in the final panel of the 8th Annual Galloway Symposium on Critical Issues in Space Law, a conference organized by the University of Mississippi and the International Institute of Space Law and held at the Cosmos Club.  Sundahl was part of a panel of academics who reflected on the legal implications of disruptive space technologies being deployed or developed by governments and private companies.   These new technologies include asteroid mining, swarms of remote-sensing nanosatellites, and on-orbit satellite construction.
On December 10 and 11, 2013, Associate Dean Sundahl participated in the biannual meeting of the FAA Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC).  The meeting resulted in a series of recommendations to the FAA for improving the regulatory environment relevant to the commercial space industry.  Sundahl serves as the Vice Chair of the COMSTAC’s International Space Policy Working Group which monitors international developments in space law and advises the FAA on maintaining the international competitiveness of U.S. industry.


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