Robertson to Serve as U.S. Reporter for Common Core of European Private Law Project

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

C|M|LAW Professor and Associate Dean, Heidi Gorovitz Robertson, who holds a joint appointment at CSU’s Levin College of Urban Affairs, will be serving as the United States Reporter for a new project of the Common Core of European Private Law.  The Common Core projects, funded by the European Commission, the International University College of Turin (Italy) and others, examine aspects of European private law through the lens of carefully created case studies.  The purpose is to discover the commonalities in law among the European nations by applying a consistent set of facts to the laws of various countries. In applying the law of their country to the case studies, reporters are asked to apply three levels of analysis, so the research goes beyond the rote application of fact to a civil code or common law structure.  Reporters are asked to consider influences on the law of political, economics, geography, and other factors, and to make and discuss their predictions regarding outcome of the case studies.  Robertson will be participating in the Access to Commons project for the Common Core of European Private Law.  She was selected for this project based on her earlier work on public access to privately owned land for recreation, Public Access to Private Land for Walking: Environmental and Individual Responsibility as Rationale for Limiting the Right to Exclude, 23 Geo. Int. Envtl. L. Rev. 211 (2011).

Her article is available here:

To learn more about the Common Core Project, click here:

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