Lewis Selected For Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Public Health Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship

Professor Browne Lewis

Professor Browne Lewis

C|M|LAW’s Leon and Gloria Plevin Professor of Law, and Director of the Center for Health Law and Policy, Browne Lewis, has been selected for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Public Health Scholar-in-Residence program.  The recently launched fellowship program was designed to bring the expertise of legal scholars to assist public health agencies in tackling pressing health issues. The program helps to improve the teaching and scholarly work of the academicians through field experience and provides public health agencies access to legal experts. Professor Lewis is one of six scholars, nationwide, selected for this program. She will focus on current state and federal preemption issues regarding local government regulation of the labeling, marketing and sale of small cigars. She will be working with both the Cleveland Department of Public Health and the Shaker Heights Department of Public Health.

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4 Responses to Lewis Selected For Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Public Health Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship

  1. Alan Jay Rom says:

    Dear Professor Browne Lewis: Congratulations to you and the CM community on this important honor. I hope it is recognized at the NAC meeting on Friday and at the Alumni luncheon. The work is important and the right person was picked to do it. Sincerely, Alan Jay Rom

  2. Alan Weinstein says:

    Congratulations Browne!!


  3. Peter D. Garlock says:

    Congratulations, Browne!


  4. Susan Becker says:

    This is wonderful Browne – congratulations!


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