Geier Debated Three Corporate Tax Reform Issues at the ABA Section on Taxation Meeting in Washington, D.C

Professor Deborah Geier

Professor Deborah Geier

C|M|LAW Professor Deborah Geier participated in a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate on Corporate Tax Reform at the ABA Section of Taxation meeting held in Washington, D.C., on May 9-10. Professor Joshua Blank from NYU organized the panel and served in the role of Speaker of the House. In addition to Professor Geier, the three debaters were Professor Adam Rosenzweig (Washington University at St. Louis), Professor Omri Marian (University of Florida), and David Miller (partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft of New York and adjunct Professor at Columbia). Three resolutions were debated: (1) “Be it resolved that the United States should impose a corporate income tax,” (2) Be it resolved that, assuming integration is desirable, the best way to achieve it is by exempting dividends from taxation in the shareholders’ hands,” and (3) “Be it resolved that, assuming the United States imposes a corporate income tax, it should lower the statutory rate below 35% in a revenue-neutral way.” The debate was lively, and the audience participated during cross-examination periods.

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