Sagers Speaks on Antitrust Issues Related to the Future of Books

Chris Sagers, C|M|LAW’s James A. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Law, recently participated on a panel at a conference entitled “In re Books:  A Conference on Law and the Future of Books” ( held at the Institute for Information Law & Policy at New York Law School.  Professor Sagers, who teaches and writes about antitrust law, spoke about the Justice Department’s pending antitrust suit against the Apple computer corporation and several publishing firms, who are alleged to have fixed the prices for electronic books.  He explained his view that while the suit exposes some apparent ironies in antitrust policy, the ironies are only apparent and not real.

A video webcast of Professor Sagers’ presentation (at 3:04- 3: 18) is available at: (  It has been featured in media coverage (

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