Sagers Discusses a Gridlocked Congress as it Attempts to Move the Federal Trade Commission Out of its Long Time Home

C|M|LAW’s James A. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Law Chris Sagers has published a Guest Opinion piece in FTC Watch.  In his article, The Ongoing FTC Building Fiasco, Sagers cites a Congressional Committee’s efforts to remove the FTC headquarters from its long-time home as evidence of a broken Congress.  The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has made moves to relocate the FTC from its 75 year old art deco building built for the agency by Roosevelt and turn that building over to the National Gallery of Art.  As further evidence, Sagers cites a study indicating that the American public finds “Congress to be less popular among Americans than  pornography, polygamy, British Petroleum during the Gulf oil spill, Richard Nixon at the peak of Watergate, and Communism.”

To read the article, click here:

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