Crocker and Friedman Appointed to the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Commission

Professor Phyllis L. Crocker

C|M|LAW Professor Phyllis L. Crocker and C|M|LAW Adjunct Professor Gordon Friedman have been appointed to the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Commission by Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald.  Their appointments were confirmed by the Cuyahoga County Council on May 22, 2012.   The Public Defender Commission is composed of 5 members.  The Commission recommends an annual operating budget for the Public Defender’s Office, establishes its operational standards, and determines the qualifications and size of the supporting staff in the office in an effort to provide essential legal representation to indigent persons in Cuyahoga County.   Crocker and Friedman were confirmed to serve 4-year terms on the Commission.

Professor Crocker is a recognized authority on the death penalty.  She chaired the American Bar Association’s Ohio Death Penalty Assessment Team that published the report Evaluating Fairness and Accuracy in State Death Penalty Systems:  The Ohio Death Penalty Assessment Report (2007).  She has written extensively on the constitutional, historical and cultural underpinnings of capital punishment.  She is a co-author Katz & Giannelli, Baldwin’s Ohio Practice: Criminal Law (3rd ed., 2009) and is a frequent guest lecturer on capital punishment.   Professor Crocker teaches Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure I and II, Capital Punishment and the Law and the Externship Seminar.

Gordon Friedman is a partner in the law firm of Friedman and Gilbert, where he practices criminal defense in the areas of drug crimes, homicide/murder, white collar crimes, sex crimes, DUI, federal criminal practice and sentencing, tax crimes, fraud, and more.  Early in his career, he served as an assistant public defender in Cuyahoga County, and as the director of the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland. He teaches Criminal Procedure I at C|M|LAW.  He and his law partner, Terry Gilbert, sponsor the Friedman and Gilbert Criminal Justice Forum Lecture, held annually at C|M|LAW.

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