Weinstein and McCleary Publish on the Association of Adult Businesses with Secondary Effects, and Present at the Association of American Geographers Conference

Professor Alan Weinstein

C|M|LAW Professor Alan Weinstein published (with Richard McCleary), The Association of Adult Businesses with Secondary Effects: The Legal Doctrine, Social Theory, and Empirical Evidence, in the Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal.

In addition, Weinstein presented their work from this article on February 25 at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Conference in New York, New York as part of a track titled “Erotic Cities: Geographies of the Sexual Economy.” Over 7,000 geographers and environmental scientists from around the globe attended the Conference.

The Erotic Cities track featured papers that discussed various aspects of two phenomena: (1) the visible spatial sexualisation of the city as seen by the movement of commercial sex activities from the periphery to the mainstream, spatially and socially and (2) the complementary invisible spatial sexualisation of the city, with the internet providing a platform for those who want to convert their sexual desires into realities via various social networking sites.

Other presenters/papers in this track included:

Amber Martin, The University of Nottingham, “Sex Shops in England’s Cities: From the Backstreets to the High Street.”

Paul J Maginn, University of Western Australia and Christine A Steinmetz, University of New South Wales “Erotic Sydney: The Sexual Economy, Global City Status and Urban Cosmopolitanism.”

John Scott, University of New England (AUS), “Telecommunications Impacts On The Structure And Organization of Male Sex Work.”

Penny Crofts, University of Technology, Sydney and Barb Brents, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “Mainstreaming and Legalization: Comparing Legal
Prostitution in New South Wales and Nevada.”

Moriah McSharry McGrath, Portland State University, “Confl ict and Coexistence: Strip Clubs and Neighbors in “Pornland,” Oregon.”

The article is available at at http://www.cardozoaelj.com/wp-content/uploads/Journal%20Issues/Volume%2029/Issue%203/Weinstein%20McCleary%20Final.pdf

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