Forte Argues that the Catholic Church Must Stand Firm on its Fundamental Beliefs

On Saturday, February 18, 2012, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published an Op-Ed by C|M|LAW Professor David Forte in the Forum Section of the newspaper.  In response to the February 10, 2012, announcement by the Obama administration that Health and Human Services regulations would require employers, including religious organizations, to pay for contraception services through their health insurance plans, Forte argued that the Catholic Church must not back down on its fundamental beliefs.  Forte cites several instances where the Church yielded to pressures that contradicted its core beliefs, such as closing its Massachusetts and Illinois adoption services and Washington foster-care programs when faced with government policies that would require that those services not  exclude same-sex couples.  In the instant case of government rules requiring employers to provide all employees access to contraception services regardless of the religious affiliation of the employer, Forte argues that the Church must not yield.

You may read his Op-Ed here:

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