LA Times Quotes Sagers on AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Professor Chris Sagers

Professor Chris Sagers was quoted in the L.A. Times on December 10 for his views in AT&T’s unprecedented merger bid to acquire rival wireless service provider T-Mobile.  The merger, which would reduce  the U.S. wireless service marketplace to only three competitors, and in virtually every major U.S. city would give AT&T market share dramatically above the levels normally challenged by federal antitrust enforcers, appeared to be in jeopardy after the Federal Communications Commission announced its intent to investigate it through adversarial proceedings and the U.S. Justice Department sought to prolong its in-court antitrust challenge to the deal.  Asked why AT&T what events portended for the merger, Sagers observed that the parties likely had no real expectation of consummating anything like their initially planned transaction, and instead were probably negotiating with regulators and with each other over their most mutually palatable means of exit.  (After this article appeared in December 10, AT&T chose to abandon the merger entirely.)

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