Crocker Named to Ohio Death Penalty Task Force

On Monday, October 31, Professor Phyllis Crocker was named by Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor to a joint task force of the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio State Bar Association on the death penalty.  The 21-member task force includes seven judges, four legislators, two prosecutors, two law professors, a sheriff and several others.  Its first meeting will be in Columbus this Thursday.  “The task force will not decide whether Ohio should or should not have the death penalty,” Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said in a statement. “It will not be on the table for discussion.”  Instead, the task force is charged with determining whether Ohio’s death penalty is being administered fairly.

To see the announcement in the Columbus Dispatch, click here:

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1 Response to Crocker Named to Ohio Death Penalty Task Force

  1. Alan Jay Rom says:

    Adding Phyllis Crocker to the list of study commission members will ensure that all of the facts as to the operation of Ohio’s death machine will be put on the table and not swept under the rug. It’s conclusions will be consistent with those reached by all other commissions in other states that have studied all of the facts: coming up to the 40th anniversary of Furman v. Georgia, the commission will conclude that the U.S. Supreme Court got it right in 1972 and perhaps then, the people of Ohio will realize that the machinery of death in Ohio must end.

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