Kowalski Interviewed on WKYC Channel 3 Regarding Firefighters’ Anti-Issue 2 TV Ad

Professor Ken Kowalski

Clinical Professor Ken Kowalski was interviewed yesterday, Tuesday, September 6, by Dick Russ of WKYC Channel 3 News.  Russ asked Kowalski whether the firefighters’ assertion in their ad, that SB5, if not repealed through Issue 2, would make it illegal for them to negotiate the proper number of firefighters to ensure public safety, was accurate.  In particular, the ad states”Issue 2 makes it illegal for [firefighters] to negotiate for enough firefighters to do the job. . . ” and “[f]ewer firefighters means slower response time and that can make the difference between life and death.”  Kowalski responded by saying “[SB5] does say the number of employees required to be on duty would be an inappropriate subject for collective bargaining,” and that he believes “it means neither side is permitted to bargain about that.”  When asked about the firefighters’ assertion that SB5 will lead to there being fewer firefighters to protect us, Kowalski says that is the firefighters’ professional opinion and not a matter of fact.

You can watch Dick Russ’ interview of Professor Kowalski, which he conducted on E.18th Street in front of C|M|LAW, at http://www.wkyc.com/news/article/205510/45/Truth-Test-Firefighters-anti-Issue-2-TV-ad

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1 Response to Kowalski Interviewed on WKYC Channel 3 Regarding Firefighters’ Anti-Issue 2 TV Ad

  1. Professor Kowlaski is right, SB 5 will reduce the firefighters response time in which may have many fatalites. We cannot forget that we just closed one of our major Trama Units in the Cleveland area (Huron Road Hospital), and combined the EMS and Fire Divisions. Limiting the amount of firefighters that are hired would add more pressure to the combined EMS/ Fire Divisions, University Hospitals Case Medical Center and MetroHealth Hospitals who unlike other healthcare institutions will accept patient regardless of ability to pay (Reid, Ph.D. -vs- Johira, et. al., 2011; Sheehan and Corrigan, 1996, 2011; Mazanec, Roller and Schoenberger, 2011).

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