Steinglass Advocates for the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission to Review and Revise the Ohio Constitution

Dean Emeritus Steven Steinglass has been active in the effort to create an Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission as a means to review and revise Ohio’s constitution .  He published, today, an Op-Ed in the Columbus Dispatch entitled Constitutional Commission is the Way to Go.  The Op-Ed provides a history of the Ohio constitutional amendment processes and advocates for a new approach to constitutional revision.  He urges voters to reject the option of a Constitutional Convention, which will appear on the ballot in November 2012.  Instead, the new approach, supported by a broad, bi-partisan coalition, would allow a bi-partisan commission to review the constitution and propose changes to the legislature.  The commission includes 12 legislators – six from each house divided equally between Republicans and Democrats – and 20 non-legislators selected by the legislative members. It may make recommendations  to the General Assembly only by a two-thirds vote.  Steinglass argues that the commission approach is well suited to facing the complex and divisive issues that will undoubtedly arise, and that the nature of the commission and approval process will ensure that only broadly supportable proposals will emerge.

To read Dean Steinglass’ Op-Ed, please click here.

Dean Steinglass was also inverviewed on National Public Radio regarding the Constitutional Modernization Commission.  Please click here for a link to the June 24 interview. Interview of Steven H. Steinglass on the Constitutional Modernization Commission and Call for a 2012 Constitutional Convention – Ideastream, WVIZ-PBS.  The interview starts 16 minutes into the video, at 16:05.

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