Professor Kalir Interviews on WURD Radio on Recent Israeli Election

On Thursday, Sept 18, Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir was interviewed by Charles Ellison on WURD Radio in Philadelphia. During the 20-minute interview, Professor Kalir discussed the recent (re-) elections in Israel and the many scenarios they may yield (there was no clear winner). He also discussed some of the similarities and differences between the Israeli and American election systems; compared PM Netanyahu’s campaign to that of President Trump’s; and discussed some post-election opportunities and challenges in the larger middle-east geo-political region.

This was Professor Kalir’s fifth appearance on the show.

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Professor Sagers Speaks at Scalia School, Appears in Media on New Book

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, has been busy traveling and speaking to promote his new book “United States v. Apple: Competition in America,” released this week by Harvard University Press. He spoke about it on Monday at the Antonin Scalia Law School of George Mason University, in a forum moderated by Professor and former Federal Trade Commissioner Josh Wright.
He spoke with Global Competition Review, a leading industry journal, for a long-form Q&A interview.
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Professor Forte’s Constitution Day Essay, “Noble Sinners,” Published by Claremont Institute

In commemoration of Constitution Day, the Claremont Institute has just published an essay by Professor David Forte.  In his essay, titled “Noble Sinners,” Professor Forte highlights the role that our Constitution played in holding the country together in its early fractious years.  He explains how the drafters of the Constitution steadily evolved into bitter political rivals in the years following the country’s founding.  Within a dozen years, “[t]he founding’s great lights had become openly contemptuous of one another.  Political differences seemed impossible to bridge.”

Professor Forte argues that the country was able to survive these deep personal and political divisions among its leaders because the Constitution they had written “had already become an object of reverence,” serving as a “a fundamental charter that binds the people against themselves.”

The essay is based on a lecture Professor Forte delivered last year at Cleveland-Marshall, in the law school’s Constitution Day commemoration.

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Professor Kalir Presents on Penitence, Kol-Nidrei

On Sept. 12, Professor Doron Kalir gave a presentation at Congregation B’nei Jeshurun about the meaning of atonement, penitence, and the prayer of Kol-Nidrei.  The presentation was given as part of a lecture series in preparation for the Jewish High Holidays. It reviewed the origins, text, and purpose behind the most famous of Jewish prayers – the Kol Nidrei.
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Professor Oh Presents and Publishes in Various Venues

Professor Reginald Oh:

  • Spoke at the California Western School of Law’s Law Review symposium on immigrant rights last spring. He presented a paper entitled, Dehumanization, Immigrants, and Equal Protection. The article is forthcoming in the California Western Law Review.
  • Is working on a chapter for the book, Critical Race Judgments. His chapter is a rewrite of the Supreme Court’s 1927 school segregation decision in Gong Lum v. Rice.
  • Published an article, “The Supreme Court Post-Kavanaugh,” on The Loyal Opposition website. The article contends that one seat should be added to the Supreme Court to have ten justices sit on the Court.
  • Published an article, “How We Should Think About Impeachment,” on The Loyal Opposition website. The article contends that the debate over impeaching President Trump should focus less on whether he has committed federal crimes and more on his fitness to wield executive power.
  • Has been appointed to the Board of Directors for DemCast, a nonprofit organization engaging in social media political advocacy.
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Professor Sagers Appears in Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Public Radio on Antitrust Affairs

Chris Sagers, the James A.Thomas Professor of Law, appeared in prominent news media on breaking antitrust news. He spoke with the Wall Street Journal in an article attempting to explain the many possible lawsuits that state and federal regulators may be planning against the big tech platforms.  He also appeared on Forum, a public affairs program on KQED public radio in San Francisco, to discuss the remarkable news that 50 separate U.S. states have joined in an antitrust investigation of Google.

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Professor Sagers to Present at the City Club of Cleveland

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Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, will give a presentation at the on his new book, “United States v. Apple: Competition in America,” as part of the popular and widely attended Weekly Forum series of the City Club of Cleveland. His book, which will be published by Harvard University Press on September 16, concerns the so-called “eBooks case” of 2012-2013, in which the Justice Department accused Apple and several publishing firms of fixing the prices of electronic books.

The event is Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at noon.  Tickets are available here.

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