Professors Kalir and Robertson Participate in Anti-Defamation League Leadership Summit

Professors Heidi Gorovitz Robertson and Doron Kalir participated in Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) National Leadership Summit. The Summit took place in Washington D.C., between May 7-9.  It featured prominent thought leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds, who discussed, among others, the rising tide of antisemitism and hate speech, challenges facing the immigrant community, the current state transgender persons, and the current crisis facing the criminal justice system. The Summit culminated in a visit to the Hill, which included presentations by Senators John McCain, Al Franken, and Ben Cardin, as well as a visit to Rep.Marcia Fudge’s chambers to advance ADL’s values of tolerance and justice for all. Rep. Fudge is a proud Alumna of Cleveland-Marshall.    
Professor Robertson,  who is the C|M|LAW’s Steven W. Percy Distinguished Professor of Law, participated in the Summit as a member of the Glass Leadership Class. Professor Kalir participated as the Chair of that Class; he is also a Board Member of ADL Cleveland.   


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Professor Forte’s Essay Published by the Library of Law & Liberty

The Library of Law & Liberty published today an essay by Professor David Forte, which was based on a course on the Presidency that Professor Forte taught at Princeton University during the fall semester 2016.  Professor Forte has been a visitor at Princeton University during the 2016-17 academic year.  His essay is available here.

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Professor Robertson Serves as Visiting Scholar at Universidad de La Laguna in Tenerife, Spain

Heidi Gorovitz Robertson, C|M|LAW’s Steven W. Percy Distinguished Professor of Law, served as a visiting scholar at the Universidad de La Laguna in La Laguna (Tenerife), Spain, from April 23 to April 29.  This visit, sponsored by a grant from the Spanish government and the European Union, included her participation in five lectures or seminars.  Professor Robertson delivered a presentation on the teaching of law in the United States. She conducted two student/faculty seminars on her research on the regulation of shale oil and gas development in the U.S.  — one on preemption of local control and the other concerning the role of landowners.  Along with a faculty visitor from Malmö Universitat in Sweden, she participated in a seminar at the Economics Department on environmental (de)regulation under the Trump administration. Finally, she was an invited speaker at a conference on the status of women  — where she spoke about the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

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Prof. Sundahl Publishes Chapter in the Routledge Handbook on Space Law

Prof. Mark Sundahl has published a chapter regarding the Legal Status of Spacecraft in the newly released Handbook on Space Law published by Routledge.  The Handbook addresses the legal and regulatory aspects of activities in outer space from a comprehensive manner in a time of increasing commercialization and privatization of space activities.  More information about the book is available here.

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Prof. Sundahl Helps Draft Guidelines for Asteroid Mining

Professor Mark Sundahl recently participated in the Hague Space Resources Governance Working Group at Leiden University to draft the “building blocks” of a new international regime for regulating natural resource extraction on celestial bodies. The Working Group is funded by the governments of Holland and Luxembourg to address the legal issues that promise to arise as private companies (as well as governments) move forward with plans to harvest precious metals from near-Earth asteroids and extract water and other natural resources needed to support a permanent human presence on the Moon and Mars.  The Working Group plans to publish a first draft of the building blocks for public comment by the end of the year.

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Civil Litigation Clinic Files Amicus Brief with Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

On April 25, 2017, the Civil Litigation Clinic filed an Amicus brief with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of Equality Ohio. The brief, which supported the right of a transgender employee who was fired because of her gender identity, argued that Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 should apply to transgendes, and therefore terminating their work because of their transgender identity is an unlawful employment practice.

Ms. Lorraine Catalusci and Mr. Russel Gates, students with the Civil Litigation Clinic, assisted in the preparation of the Brief. Professor Matt Green, an expert on employment discrimination, contributed his knowledge, fine writing, and expertise. Clinical Professors Ken Kowalski, Carolyn Broering-Jacobs, and Doron Kalir (who served as the Attorney of Record) supervised the work. Equality Ohio’s Executive Director, Ms. Alana Jochum, is a proud alumna of Cleveland-Marshall.

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Professor Witmer-Rich’s Article Published in Symposium Issue of Texas Tech Law Review

An article by Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich has been published in a special symposium issue of the Texas Tech Law Review.  The 2016 Criminal Law Symposium on Violence Against Women included contributions from leading scholars around the country on topics such as affirmative consent, anticipatory self-defense, the prosecutor’s duty to rape victims, and campus sexual assault.  Professor Witmer-Rich‘s article is titled “Unpacking Affirmative Consent: Not as Great as You Hope, Not as Bad as You Fear.”  The article seeks to dispel common misconceptions and unfounded assumptions surrounding the concept of affirmative consent, arguing that affirmative consent standards do not represent a meaningful change from existing law.
A link to the article is available here.
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