Professor Sterio Participates in “Talking Foreign Policy” Radio Show on WCPN/90.3

Judge Buergenthal

Professor Milena Sterio and Judge Thomas Buergenthal

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio participated in an episode of the “Talking Foreign Policy” radio show on WCPN/90.3.  This episode focused on the issue of corporate liability for aiding and abetting in human rights violations, including a discussion of the Jesner v. Arab Bank case, currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.  The panelists included Judge Thomas Buergenthal (formerly of the International Court of Justice), Professor Tim Webster (Case Western Reserve University School of Law), Professor Avi Cover (Case Western Reserve University School of Law), Professor Sterio, and Dean Michael Scharf (Case Western Reserve University School of Law) as host.  Professor Sterio has been a regular participant of the “Talking Foreign Policy” show.  This episode will be broadcast at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, October 7, on WCPN/90.3.

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Professor Sterio Presents at Cox International Law Center Conference at CWRU Law School

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio presented at the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center Conference, “Corporations on Trial: International Criminal and Civil Liability for Corporations for Human Rights Violations,” at Case Western Reserve University School of Law on September 15.  Professor Sterio presented as part of a panel discussion on “Developments in international criminal law in addressing corporate human rights violations.”

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Professors Witmer-Rich and Sterio Present at American Society of International Law-Midwest Interest Group Workshop

ASIL Midwest Workshop

Participants of the ASIL-Midwest Interest Group Workshop

Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich and Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio presented at the American Society of International Law (ASIL)- Midwest Interest Group Workshop on September 15-16 at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.  Professor Witmer-Rich presented a paper entitled “Conceptualizing Self-Defenses in International Criminal Law,” and Professor Sterio presented a paper entitled “Self-Determination and Secession under International Law: Nagorno-Karabakh.”  Professor Sterio served as Co-Chair of the ASIL- Midwest Interest Group last year, and she organized this year’s Workshop in her capacity as the outgoing Co-Chair.

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Professor Sterio Publishes Book on Prosecuting Juvenile Piracy Suspects

Juvenile Piracy Book CoverProfessor and Associate Dean for Academic Enrichment Milena Sterio’s book, Prosecuting Juvenile Piracy Suspects: The International Legal Framework, was published by Routledge, as part of its Research in International Law series.  In this book, Professor Sterio examines national piracy prosecutions involving juvenile suspects in Germany, Spain, India, Italy, Malaysia, the Seychelles, and the United States, developing a set of recommendations and best practices for all piracy prosecuting nations handling cases of juvenile suspects.  Professor Sterio was the recipient of a CSU Faculty Scholarship Initiative grant, which supported portions of Professor Sterio’s research and field work in preparing this manuscript.

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Professor Witmer-Rich Quoted by Several News Sources

Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich was quoted by several news sources on a recent shooting of an armed robber at a Cleveland Taco Bell.  The store had a policy prohibiting guns in the store, and yet three employees were armed with concealed firearms when two masked men attempted to rob the store.  One of the employees shot and killed one of the armed robbers.  In an interview with Cleveland’s News Channel 5, Professor Witmer-Rich explained that the store’s policy has no bearing on any criminal prosecution.  He stated, “whatever the corporate rules are, in terms of a criminal prosecution, they all have a right to act in self-defense if they reasonably believe they’re facing a threat of imminent death or bodily harm.”  Professor Witmer-Rich‘s comments on the case were also featured in stories by The Washington Times and the Daily Meal.

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Sagers Speaks to Bloomberg on EU Intel Decision

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Law, spoke with Bloomberg about a decision this week by the European Court of Justice in the European Commission’s long-running monopolization case against Intel, which it accuses of abusing its dominance in European markets for computer processor chips.

You can read the article here.

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Professor Sterio Participates in International Humanitarian Law Dialogs in Chautauqua, NY


Chautauqua Photo Hotel.JPG

Athenaeum Hotel, Chautauqua, NY, Site of IHL Dialogs

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio participated in the 11th International Humanitarian Law Dialogs in Chautauqua, New York, from August 27th-29th.  Professor Sterio had served this past year on the Advisory Board of the Dialogs and had participated in organizing the conference.


Professor Sterio delivered the “Year in Review” lecture on August 29th, during which she focused on three significant events in international humanitarian law during the past year: the International Criminal Court’s Al Mahdi case (where the defendant was convicted of the crime of intentionally directing attacks against cultural and religious sites); the closing and legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda; and the ongoing crisis in Syria, including the recent United States’ use of force against the Assad regime.

Chautauqua Photo Porch Session

From left to right: Prof. Valerie Oosterveld; Andrea Gittelman (US Holocaust Memorial Museum); Prof. Milena Sterio; Prof. Megan Fairlie; Prof. Jennifer Trahan



In addition, Professor Sterio organized and co-moderated a porch session entitled “Victim-Driven Approaches to International Criminal Justice” on August 29th.  This porch session was co-sponsored by the Intlawgrrls and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and co-moderated by Professor Sterio and Andrea Gittelman.  And, as representative of the Intlawgrrls blog, Professor Sterio officially introduced International Criminal Court Judge and Baroness Christine Van den Wyngaert as the Katherine B. Fite Lecturer (this lecture is traditionally sponsored by Intlawgrrls).


Chautauqua Photo Judge VDW

Professor Sterio and Judge and Baroness Christine Van den Wyngaert

Katherine B. Fite was an American lawyer who graduated from Yale Law School in 1930 as one of only three women in the entire United States! She had a distinguished career as a lawyer at the United States Department of State, and was particularly known for having worked with Justice Jackson while he served as Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials.  Professor Sterio published a blog post on Intlawgrrls detailing the presence of female voices at this year’s International Humanitarian Law Dialogs; the post is available here.


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