Professor Sterio Advises on Sudan Peace Negotiations

Professor Milena Sterio attended the first round of peace negotiations between the Government of Sudan and one of the Sudan rebel movements, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)-North, in Juba, South Sudan.  Professor Sterio (pictured below right) provided legal expertise and guidance for the ongoing negotiations, as an academic expert and representative of the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG). 

The PILPG, along with representatives of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan, has been involved in mediating the peace talks, and providing legal assistance in terms of identifying compromise positions and drafting legal language to correspond to such compromise positions.  

In October 2020, the Government of Sudan signed a comprehensive peace agreement, the Juba Peace Agreement, with several different rebel groups across Sudan.  SPLM-North did not sign the Juba Peace Agreement, and is instead negotiating currently with the Government of Sudan, in order to develop a separate peace agreement.  Negotiations are likely to continue throughout the summer, and Professor Sterio is continuing to provide legal assistance remotely, and is likely to return to Juba in July or August.  

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Professor Sterio Co-Authors Op-Ed on Rohingya Genocide

Professor Milena Sterio co-authored an op-ed with Dean Michael Scharf (Case Western Reserve University School of Law) and Professor Paul Williams (American University Washington College of Law) on June 1.  The op-ed, titled “Why the US Should Recognize the Rohingya Genocide,” argues that the Biden Administration should be willing to label the atrocities committed against the Rohingya ethnic group as genocide.  The op-ed is available here: Why the US Should Recognize the Rohingya Genocide – The Diplomat

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Professor Sterio Moderates Libya Access to Justice Webinar

Professor Milena Sterio moderated a webinar titled “Libya-Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups in Times of Covid-19” on June 3 (more information is available here: Webinar: Libya – Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups in Times of Covid-19 (

The webinar was organized by the International Legal Assistance Consortium and it coincided with the launch of ILAC’s new Discussion Paper on the same topic.  The Discussion paper assesses how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected access to justice for vulnerable groups in Libya.  ILAC’s Paper has benefitted from assistance by the ABA-Rule of Law Initiative as well as the Public International Law and Policy Group.   

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Sagers Speaks with Prominent Media on Surprise Amazon Bid for MGM

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke recently with prominent international media about Amazon’s $9 billion bid to acquire the MGM movie studios, a deal that caught many by surprise, especially given the high price tag and what the case may portend for video distribution. Sagers spoke about the deal with the Financial TimesYahoo Finance, and Bloomberg.

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Professor Sagers Speaks With Fortune Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Other Media on Antitrust

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, recently spoke with several news organizations about antitrust matters. He spoke with the Wall Street Journal on the background of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who oversees a closely watched antitrust case against Apple brought by Epic Games, maker of the popular game Fortnite. He also spoke with the tech industry news magazine Protocol about new claims against Apple in Europe, and how they might affect the Epic Games case. 

Separately, he spoke with Fortune magazine for a story that will appear in the print magazine in June, about Visa’s failed attempt to acquire the payment-systems intermediary Plaid, a deal that was apparently scuttled on government antitrust concerns. 

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Professor Sterio Publishes Article on International Criminal Law

Professor Milena Sterio’s article, “Darryl Robinson’s Model for International Criminal Law: Deontic Principles Developed Through a Coherentist Approach,” was published by the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal (Volume 35, No. 1, Spring 2021).  

Professor Sterio’s article is part of a journal symposium issue, where Professor Sterio and several other prominent international criminal law authors provided commentary on the recently published book by Professor Darryl Robinson, Justice in Extreme Cases: Criminal Law Theory Meets International Criminal Law (2020).  

Professor Sterio’s article is available here:

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Professor Forte Publishes “Originalism and its Discontents”

David Forte’s article, Originalism and its Discontents, has just appeared in the on-line journal, Law & Liberty. It can be accessed here:

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Howard Katz Presents on Law School Assessment

Legal Educator in Residence Howard E. Katz organized and presented a webinar sponsored by the New Law Professors section of the AALS on “How to Better Construct and Grade Exams to Enhance Assessment and Learning.” The co-presenter was Professor Sharmila Murthy, Director of Faculty Scholarship and Research at Suffolk University Law School.

The April 15 webinar gave attendees many actionable suggestions to be more fair and more efficient. Topics addressed included: integrating discussion of exams and test-taking into your teaching, generating ideas for questions, drafting questions, ways of structuring an exam, different question formats, common pitfalls and mistakes, fairness issues in constructing and administering exams, grading methods, managing expectations of both professor and students, and giving useful feedback.

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Dean Fisher Writes in, and is Profiled by, Cleveland Magazine

Dean Lee Fisher, along with his wife Peggy Zone Fisher, were featured in a Cleveland Magazine article about their recent receipt of the 2021 Richard W. Pogue Award for Excellence in Community and Engagement.

Dean Fisher also write an article in the same issue of Cleveland Magazine, titled “Cleveland State Helps Build Talent Dividend.” In the article, Dean Fisher argues that the key to our region’s success lies in “the link between educational attainment, talent and workforce development.” He highlights the role of CSU in fostering educational attainment, and also discusses Governor Mike DeWine’s recently-announced “Jobs Ohio partnership linking and leveraging Cleveland’s distinctive health care, research and higher education assets,” in which Cleveland State will play a key role.

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Sedona Conference Moves Forward on Recommendations by Professor Brian Ray

Professor Brian Ray continues to play an important leadership role in the Sedona Conference, a leading international non-profit organization focused on law and technology policy.

Most recently, Professor Ray chaired the Biometric Data Privacy Brainstorming Group. The Sedona Conference WG11 Steering Committee recently announced two drafting groups for new white papers based on outlines suggested by Professor Ray’s group: (1) a biometric privacy primer and (2) legal principles that should govern notice and consent in connection with the use of an individual’s biometric facial recognition data. The Sedona Conference typically selects only a small number of brainstorming group outlines to develop into full white papers. 

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