Sundahl Speaks at Oxford University on Space Law

Associate Dean Mark Sundahl spoke on September 10th at Oxford University’s Faculty of Law regarding the interaction of the new UNIDROIT Space Assets Protocol with the existing body of the law of outer space.  Sundahl delivered his paper at the university’s annual Cape Town Convention Academic Project Conference.  In his presentation, Sundahl explained how existing international space law can interfere with (or in some cases facilitate) the operation of the new Space Assets Protocol to the Cape Town Convention which allows for the creation of security interests in satellites and other space assets.   

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Professor Sterio Blogs About Scottish Independence Referendum

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio published a blog post on the prestigious international law blog, Opinio Juris, about the legality of the proposed Scottish secession under international law.  Professor Sterio’s post is entitled “International Law Should Matter – Thoughts on the Proposed Scottish Secession.”  The post is available here.

Professor Sterio’s post was selected for Opinio Juris’ online “Scottish Independence Insta-Symposium.”  Her argument is that international law should matter in secession issues, even if the proposed secession is legal under domestic law of the mother-state.  Moreover, Professor Sterio argues in this post that international law should develop to encompass a normative framework on secession, which would be helpful for future secessionist conflicts, and in particular in situations where the seceding territory is disputed between the mother-state and the secessionist movement.

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Professor Sterio’s Letter to the Editor on Proposed ISIS Strikes Published in Plain Dealer

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio’s Letter to the Editor  was published in the September 15 edition of the Plain Dealer.  The title of Professor Sterio’s Letter is “Striking back at Isis in Iraq and Syria is a bad idea.”  The Letter is available here.

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Professor Mika Presents at New England Legal Writing Conference

Professor Karin Mika presented on September 12 at the New England Consortium of Legal Writing Conference.  The title of her presentation was “Getting in Touch: How understanding the Educational Backgrounds of our Students Facilitates our Ability to Teach to an Enthusiastic Classroom.”  Professor Mika’s presentation focused on how law teachers, in order to be effective, must stay in touch with what is important to students and their educational backgrounds.  According to Professor Mika, this may mean staying in touch with pop culture and understanding that students have grown up with computers, over-scheduling, over-regulation of their behavior and time, over-stimulation (in an information and activity overload sense), and standardized testing (which has forced teachers to focus on memorization of facts rather than deep thought.)
Professor Mika’s presentation did not advocate the need for glitzy presentations, or coddling students, but rather suggested that understanding where students have come from may help in understanding why students now learn (or don’t learn) the way they do (or don’t).  Thus, Professor Mika’s main thesis is that a lot more explanation as to “why” is necessary in the classroom as well as more current analogies to circumstances that students can relate to.
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Professor Weinstein Participates in Panel Discussion at NE Ohio Municipal Law Directors Association

On Thursday, 9/11/14, Professor Weinstein participated in a panel discussion on “Regulation of Political Signs” at the Northeast Ohio Municipal Law Directors Association. Other panelists included Todd Hunt, a partner at Walter Haverfield, and Tom Lee, a partner at Taft/Stetinius.
Professor Weinstein discussed the Court’s recent grant of cert in Reed v. Gilbert, AZ, noting that the case provides the Court with an opportunity to resolve a Circuit split on the issue of the proper test for a content-neutral regulation of speech. Professor Weinstein also discussed a recent 6th Circuit case, Wagner v. City of Garfield Heights, which dealt with this same content-neutrality issue in the context of the city’s regulation of political signs.

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Associate Dean Sundahl Appointed as Advisor to UN Delegation

Associate Dean Mark Sundahl has been appointed by the Department of State as an Industry Adviser to the U.S. delegation to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). The COPUOS develops international legal responses to pressing legal issues in the use of outer space, such as the militarization of Earth orbits and the proliferation of space debris. Dean Sundahl will advise the U.S. delegation on how these new legal initiatives will affect the operation and competitiveness of the U.S. space industry.

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Professor Sterio Publishes Blog Post on the Expansion of Military Strikes Against ISIS

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio published a blog post on Intlawgrrls (www.ilg2.or) on the recent speech and announcement by President Obama (September 10) that the United States would expand military strikes against the Islamic State or ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.  The post is available here.

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